At Fresh Yoga we believe that yoga should be accessible to everyone.
We believe that no one should feel like yoga is beyond their reach financially.
To help make this vision a reality Fresh Yoga is a donation-based organization, we have a sliding scale cost structure, $5 community classes on Mondays and Thursdays, no-minimum donation classes on Saturdays, and need-based tuition scholarships. We also offer Work-Trade opportunities. We hope that this system will broaden access to the life changing and sustaining benefits of yoga.


For students who would like to participate in our regular weekly classes but cannot afford class cards we offer an application process for discounted class cards. Please contact us by email info@freshyoga.com or phone 203 776-9642.

Please let us know:
• Your personal circumstances that prevent you from purchasing class cards at the base rate. Examples include: single parent income, a personal disability, unemployment, senior with fixed income, etc.
• How much you can afford weekly for yoga classes.
• How often you would like to come to yoga classes per week.
• Which yoga class card you are interested in (5, 20, unlimited).
• When you would like to take your first class.

We offer 25% - 50% off the base rate on class cards to eligible applicants.


For those who can afford our sustaining class card and drop in rates we ask that you consider the value of these classes and these teachers in your life. Fresh Yoga strives for a sustainable model of business not only for our community but also for our teachers and staff.

Every year these numbers will be recalculated to reflect changes in operating costs and offerings.
– When possible $5 and no-minimum classes will be added
– Prices will be changed to reflect the current pattern of attendance – hopefully in the direction of making it more affordable for everyone!

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