Animal Flow®

Animal Flow®
with Emma Shansky

Saturday and Sunday February 25th & 26th

Erector Square Location
10:00 - 11:30 AM


$40; $30 Early bird by February 18th

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Workshop Description

Animal Flow® is a unique blend of crawling, yoga, breakdancing, and hand balancing. In this weekend workshop, students will learn Level 1 movements to prepare you for a group Animal Flow® class!

Day 1: We will begin on the yoga mat with a focus on proper shoulder alignment, wrist mobility, core strength, and hip strength/mobility as we learn static postures to activate and flowing spine and hip sequences to warm up the entire body. Then we will progress to the traveling forms— moving forwards, backwards, and laterally in different orientations all over the room!

Day 2: Beginning on our yoga mat, we review the activations and flowing series from the first day. We will learn up-levels to some of the traveling movements and then learn switches and transitions, culminating in a short sequence set to music!
Participants should be injury-free and have strong wrist/shoulder joints.

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