Free Your Mind, Free Your Asana

Free Your Mind, Free Your Asana
with Heidi Sormaz
Saturday - Tuesday March 28th-31st, 2020
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM; 1:45 - 4:30 PM

Sustaining Rate $450 / Sponsored Rate $315 / Benefactor Rate $540

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Free Your Mind, Free Your Asana

Create a new relationship with your mind and free your asana. Join Heidi and dive into the transformative qualities of Pragmatic Dharma, Fresh Yoga, and Yin Yoga. Her expertise is combining psychology, meditation and yoga to help you unwind the habits that keep you stuck in your practice and in your life. Stop using your practice to control or get rid of your mind. Instead, use your practice to develop a natural, inspired relationship with yourself.

Let’s bust the myth that meditation is difficult and not for you. You are probably aware that meditation is an integral part of yogic life – but do you practice? In this training you will develop a meditation practice that fits your yogi lifestyle and leave understanding how to bring embodied mindfulness techniques into asana practice (Yin and Yang Yoga styles). This equips you with the tools to meet your experience more easily and manage stress on a daily basis. If you think you can’t meditate because your mind is too busy or you don’t have time or it stresses you out – this is the training for you.

Learn simple, practical tools from traditional wisdom and modern psychology to balance the meditative aspects of seeing clearly what is happening in the moment and creating an internal experience that is more of what you want and need. Once you embody these practices, you will intuitively know how to choose your intent for your practice (meditation and asana) or just your day. Yoga teachers will learn how to bring these intents into the classroom.

Each session begins with discussion and meditation. The morning session takes the meditative focus into a sweaty Fresh Yoga asana practice. The evening session contains a longer discussion section and a shorter yin yoga practice.

You will learn:
***That you don’t need to run from or fix your internal environment
***To bring meditation into your asana practice and daily life
***To embody traditional meditation techniques within asana
***To consider differences between traditional styles of yoga and meditation and yoga for the 21st century
***The difference between what it feels like to use yoga to fix yourself versus yoga practice to move forward on a spiritual path
***How to develop and choose a meditation practice that’s right for you

Day 1: Learn how to orient toward and move forward on a spiritual path. We will examine how the mind naturally works and how its organic functioning requires a multifaceted practice. Movement forward on a spiritual path requires the development of a practice that includes tools to increase your ability to see clearly and cultivate a compassionate presence.
Day 2: We examine the 4 Noble Truths of Buddhism, our mind’s negativity bias, and our ability to increase the level of positivity we absorb through embodied practices.
Day 3: We learn about our window of tolerance for change. We learn how to embody our meditation practice in order to stay within that window in asana. This will allows us to easily take our practice off the mat and embody our practice in the rest of our life.
Day 4: We apply everything that we have learned! Today we practice choosing and embodying our meditation practice and leave with a practice path and plan.

Eligible for CEUs through Yoga Alliance

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About the Instructor

Heidi Sormaz Forrest Yoga Heidi Sormaz, Ph.D., E-RYT 500, Forrest Yoga Guardian Teacher, is the owner and director of Fresh Yoga studios in New Haven. She has practiced mediation and yoga for 23 years and taught for 18. Her classes are unique combining her expertise in psychology, meditation and yoga. She currently teaches the Forrest Yoga 200HR Teacher Training and Advanced Teacher Training, has co-taught a 300 Hour Advanced Vinyasa Training with Rolf Gates, teaches and designed the Fresh Yoga 200HR and 300HR Teacher Trainings, travels nationally to present workshops and trainings, and live-streams classes for StudioLiveTV.com. Heidi has taught at Kripalu, The Esalen Institute and at the Windhorse Forrest Yoga Conferences. She has been featured in Yoga Journal and was selected by The Great Courses to design their first course on yoga; Yoga for a Healthy Mind and Body. Heidi is a former university psychology professor and author of Performing Under Pressure. Her classes are designed to help people develop a relationship with their body and their mind that is comfortable even when life isn’t.

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