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The Fresh Yoga Teacher training was an amazing life changing experience for me, not only did I make friends for life but I have found teachers that I love coming back to even after the training has ended. This is due to the fact that Heidi and the Fresh Teacher Staff are the best in the business!
- Donata D.

...I am one of the people who is able to take class because of the sliding scale system that you have in place. I want you to know how grateful I am to you for running such a caring and community minded business! Being able to afford taking classes at this stage in my life has been both a physical and spiritual blessing.
- Kate N.

Working at the studio has become more than just a get away from my thoughts. Being around so many positive people just helps keep me positive. It has became a place where I just feel so happy and relaxed!
- Michelle P.

The teachers at Fresh made me feel very comfortable and eased my nerves about being a "newbie". They were very encouraging throughout the class and let me know that I did a great job which really helped me feel comfortable with the poses. Thank you for making my first yoga experience such a great one! Can't wait for the next class!
- Lauren M.

I’m so grateful to all of you at Fresh… taking so many different types of yoga classes was strange at first however I soon valued a great freedom because I knew that there are many ways of moving into poses and many ways to meet yourself on your mat. That gave me the freedom to approach my body and my practice on my terms.
- Julia M.

Fresh Yoga lives up to its name in every way! In the years I've taken classes here, the instruction has been excellent, the classes interesting and challenging, and the teachers caring and supportive.
- Danielle E.

Before coming to Fresh, I practiced in a gym atmosphere. The difference between that experience and the knowledgeable, positive atmosphere at Fresh is huge. The quality of instruction is excellent and the staff is very warm and supportive.
- Karen C.

I started taking classes at Fresh seven months ago. I am more energetic, calmer, better rested. My weekly classes are an oasis for me. My life is better because I am part of the Fresh Yoga community.
- Lori L.

I wanted to thank you. Fresh is a wonderful studio, and I didn’t realize how much I valued it until I moved away. It shaped my practice and peace of mind. I am very grateful for you and your instructors for giving me that gift because it will always be with me.
- Mary M.

You have such beautiful and inviting studios and I loved every minute that I spent there.
- Michael T.

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