Fresh Yoga 300HR Teacher Training

Fresh Yoga 300-Hour Teacher Training

Location: Erector Square
Begins January 2017!
January 2017 - November 2017

Want to learn more advanced poses, more advanced sequencing, how to fit your spirituality AND 21st century knowledge concerning anatomy and trauma into the system of yoga that you are showing up with?
Then this is the training for you.

When we gather:

January 6 - 8, 2017
February 17 - 19, 2017
March 11 - 19, 2017
April 28 - 30, 2017
July 13 - 16, 2017
August 17 - 20, 2017
October 20 - 22, 2017
November 14 - 21, 2017

There are many different approaches to teacher training. Ours is to give you the tools to organize and deepen the approach to yoga that you are already presenting, knowing how to incorporate your own spirituality, safe sequencing and techniques that help you become a dynamic interesting teacher. The experienced instructors of this training bring decades of teacher training experience to this event.

The Instructors!

The Community of Fresh Teachers who will be facilitating
the Fresh Teacher Training:
Heidi Sormaz
Catherine Allen
Lillee Chandra
Josh Summers

About the Training

This program is a 300-hour Teacher Training designed to motivate you to truly understand who you are and what you offer the yoga community. In this age of "mutt" yoga - yoga styles that have been derived from many many different systems - it can be hard to feel grounded in what and why you teach the way you do. We offer techniques and explorations that move you towards an organization of your special gifts and how to present them within your yoga teaching.

You will learn a deep level of anatomy that supports particular yoga asana, a broad and inclusive way of bringing in your understanding of yogic philosophy and that which is bigger than you and sequencing that will allow you to take your students toward challenging asana in a safe and effective way.

You will strongly consider today's culture in order to honor the idea put forth by Krishnamacharia - to "teach who is in front of you." We will help you see that person and learn to communicate in a way that can be heard.

You will:

* Enhance your own yoga practice
* Reinvigorate your love for teaching with clear purpose and passion
* Learn to teach advanced asana, meditation and pranayama
* Learn to teach modifications for injuries
* Practice speaking clearly and effectively
* Design classes that balance safety, tradition, and fun
* Better understand the poses and their effects
* Better understand the historical and cultural influences on yoga practice and teaching
* Study the art of hands-on assisting
* Understand how to incorporate your yogic philosophy into your teaching

This training includes:

* The 9-day Forrest Yoga® Advanced Teacher Training with Heidi Sormaz and Cat Allen
* 4 Yoga Tune-Up® Immersions; Core, Shoulders, Hips, Anatomy with Lillee Chandra
* The Yin Yoga Teacher Training: Mindfulness Module with Josh Summers
* 4 weekends with Heidi and Cat to integrate all of the teachings into a unique, informed Fresh offering.

At the end of this training you will:

* be eligible for the YA 500 HR RYT Level
* have met 50% of the requirements to be a YTU certified teacher
* be able to label your classes Forrest-Yoga Inspired

What is Fresh Yoga?
Fresh Yoga honors tradition, takes the best of tradition and updates yoga teaching by teaching teachers how to teach students to work in an intelligent way within any system, touch their students with care, create sequences that combine safety and fun, and really understand the lineage and the why of what they are asking students to do.

Schedule and Requirements

Please Note: Each weekend/meeting has different training hours:

January 6 - 8, 2017
8 AM - 6 PM
February 17 - 19, 2017
Fri 6 - 9; Sat & Sun 10 AM - 5 PM
March 11 - 19, 2017
8 AM - 5:45 - PM
April 28 - 30, 2017
10 AM - 5 PM
July 13 - 16, 2017
9 AM - 5 PM
August 17 - 20, 2017
10 AM - 5 PM
October 20 - 22, 2017
10 AM - 5 PM
November 14 - 21, 2017
9 AM - 6 PM

Attendance: 100% attendance required at all sessions unless you have completed one of the modules in the last 18 months. If you have attended one of the modules in the last 18 mo, please contact info@freshyoga.com for reduced pricing.

Tuition: $4500; Earlybird paid in full by November 30th, 2016 $3800
A $500 non-refundable deposit and application is required to ensure your place in the 2017 Fresh Yoga Teacher Training.

Tuition includes:
* 31 Day Teacher Training
* Yoga Tune-Up® Anatomy, Core, Hips and Shoulder Immersions
* The Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training
* Yin Yoga Advanced Training: Mindfulness Module
* Discount on Fresh Yoga Class Cards between the time you pay your deposit and November 19th, 2017
* Fresh Yoga, Forrest Yoga, Mindfulness and Yoga Tune-Up® Training Manuals

Supplementary reading list will be provided upon reciept of application and full payment. The purchase of these books is the responsibility of each student.

Refunds: If you cancel 45 days prior to the start of the teacher training you can recieve a refund in the form of a check less the $500 deposit. Within 45 days of the start of the training you can recieve a refund in the form of Fresh Yoga account credit less the $500 deposit. Once the training has begun, no refunds are given.

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